Business Law


Are you starting a business and don’t know what type of entity to set up? Do you want to limit your personal liability and be protected during litigation? Have you just been sued and don’t know where to turn for help? Are you worried about business succession planning? Are you faced with pressing legal matters that is distracting you from running your business? Do you need legal help with the purchase of a business?

Let us Help. It is important to Know Your Goal Before You Take the First Step:

In corporate and civil litigation, it’s important to determine your goals before you decide to litigate an issue. Litigation can be expensive and time consuming and you need to know that your goal is worth the cost of getting there. We will help you assess your case so that you can make informed decisions regarding the matter.

We represent both business owners and individuals in all types of civil & corporate litigation, including:

•Contract disputes, including breach of contract cases

•Injunctions to obtain immediate relief for actions that are causing you economic harm

• Real Estate issues such as boundary disputes, lease disputes and evictions

• Collection disputes over money owed to you

•Non-compete agreements that affect employers and employees

•Unfair competition claims

•Construction law disputes, such as failure to perform on a contract

•Partnership and shareholder disputes

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While there are several tools available to solve civil and corporate disputes outside of court including mediation, arbitration, and negotiation; the fact is that you may ultimately need a lawyer who is willing to fight for you in court. We will be aggressive in your representation in order to protect your interests.

Our clients are typically just everyday people who come from all walks of life and who need representation. Their lives have often been forever changed due to the wrongful conduct of others. They feel as if nothing could ever be the same. They are often confused about what to do because of what has happened to their lives, and lack the personal resources to pursue any resolution of their difficulties. No matter how serious the case or loss or how it occurred, we are fully prepared to handle it with commitment, compassion and dedication to excellence.

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